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QuMaster 2.1.2
- New QuMaster update!
- Tungsten support improved
- Many bugs fixed
- Free update for QuMaster 2 users!
- Click here...
PEAK Wandheld 2.0 for Palm OS 5!

PEAK takes the "busy-work" out of tracking time, expense and automobile mileage on your Palm OS device. PEAK's intuitive interface means you enter data only once eliminating the need to re-enter data when moving between the time, expense and automobile mileage screens. It works the same on your desktop as on your Palm OS device so entries can also be added directly into your PC! And, with the click of a button, PEAK formats your data into standard report formats that are ready to be attached to an invoice or expense report!

Works on ALL PalmOS devices (Palm, Handspring, Sony)
  • Select categories with easy-to-use drop-down lists
  • Calculate hours from start and stop times
  • Capture hours by stopwatch
  • Customize terminology to meet your business needs
  • Specify bill rate by client, project, task or flat fee
  • Enter mileage by total or odometer
  • Full export of data in simple and advanced modes

  • $25.95 for handheld version and $79.95 including integrated desktop.
  • Always free upgrades for HDActivate subscribers!

FNText 2.2 for Palm OS 5!

  • New PalmOS 5 - compatible version of FNText. Now available!
  • All well-known features for new Palm OS 5 handhelds!
  • $19.95 for new customers and only $19.95 to upgrade from any previous version for registered users!
  • Always free upgrades for HDActivate® subscribers!

Ruq 'EM 4.0.2... is available!

A brand new launcher with brand new functionality. You're going to love it! Just take a look...

Ruq 'EM features

  • Dynamic Input Area support
  • High Resolution support
  • Many bug fixes
  • HDActivate channel in your hand, which lists most recent software updates

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FullMatch 2.6
- New improved version of FullMatch is ready!
- Free upgrade for FullMatch 2.5 users!
- Free upgrade for HDActivate subscribers!
- $14.95 for new customers and only $4.95 to upgrade from any previous version!

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